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IMAGE Scientific Discoveries

IMAGE scientists have made hundreds of discoveries since the launch of the satellite in 2000. This resources covers the major discoveries that substantially advanced our understanding of the magnetosphere and its many systems of particles and interactions.


  1. Lightning's Affect on Radiation Belts Observed by IMAGE
  2. IMAGE Discovers Cause of Unusual Van Allen Belt Distortions


  1. IMAGE Takes the Magnetosphere's Temperature
  2. A New Way to Study the Motion of the Cusp
  3. IMAGE Discovers One-Sided Theta Auroras
  4. Seasonal and Solar-Cycle Changes in the Magnetosphere-Ionosphere 'Connection'
  5. IMAGE Reveals Traveling Sources of Electrons from the Plasma Sheet


  1. Plasmasphere Lags Earth's Rotation
  2. Plasmasphere Plumes Cause Proton Aurora
  3. Continuous Magnetic Reconnection Spotted in Magnetopause
  4. Intense Global Scale Ion Precipitation Seen from IMAGE in ENAs
  5. Solar Wind Neutral Atoms Detected by IMAGE and XMM-Newton
  6. Discovery of Ducted Echos Lets Scientists Study Magnetic Plasmas
  7. Cracks in the Earth's Magnetic Field Discovered in Proton Aurora.
  8. IMAGE Studies Dust in the Wind


  1. Bright Auroral Spots Identified as Magnetic Reconnection Events.
  2. New Method Pinoeered for Studying Space Plasmas and Fields
  3. IMAGE Creates New Names to Describe Invisible Cloud Features
  4. IMAGE Discovers the Origin of Earth's Mysterious Radio Radiation.
  5. Echoes From the Plasmasphere Observed for First Time.
  6. Earth's Space-Storm Shield Offers Limited Protection


  1. IMAGE Tracks Space Storm to Earth's Magnetic Tail
  2. Discovery of Interstellar Atoms Within Earth's Magnetosphere
  3. IMAGE Sees Surprising Shapes in the Plasmasphere.
  4. IMAGE Detects Ions From the Invisible Bow Shock Region
  5. Two Kinds of Aurora Discovered During A Major Storm.
  6. An Unexpected Twist is Found in the Annual Variation of Neutral Solar Wind
  7. Dynamics of Aurora Simultaneously Studied at North and South Poles
  8. IMAGE Reveals a Complex Flows of Plasma Into Inner Magnetosphere.
  9. Invisible Flow of High-Speed Atoms Detected From the Magnetosheath.
  10. Scientists Startled to Observe an Incomplete Ring Current
  11. Atoms From Solar Wind Found Inside Magnetosphere.
  12. IMAGE Witnesses Earth's Rock 'n Roll During the Bastille Day Storm.
  13. IMAGE Uncovers New Evidence for the Shrinking of the Plasmasphere.
  14. Dazzling New Views of Earth's Magnetosphere Obtained With the IMAGE Satellite


  1. IMAGE uses CAT-scanning Technique to Look Inside Invisible Clouds.
  2. Magnetospheric Cusp Seen From a New Space Vantage Point.

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