Meetings and Workshops
Meetings and Workshops
Image of IMAGE in space

IMAGE Data Systems and Formats Workshop

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
07-09 January 1998


Action Items and Issues

  • Spacecraft
    • Spacecraft data system must report back to instruments their effective data rate after compression in the telemetry stream. (Burch 1/21)
    • Investigate adding ACE & Kp data to BP (Burley/Green 1/21)
  • Assess change in the SMOC architecture (Burley 3/1)
    • Must have two servers access to data (Public, instrument team)
  • Level-0 (Burley 3/1)
    • Need to work issue of level-0 file size, to support practical ftp access.
  • Instrument and Theory & Modeling Team
    • Certify CDF's and deliver skeleton table to R. Burley by March 1st (all)
    • RPI team to re-examine BP for the generation of "skymaps" (Green 1/21)
    • Simulated CDFs for all intrument data (Gallagher 1/21)
  • CDF (to be revisited after IDFS decision)
    • Need to add a global attribute defining version of software used to create CDF or change date_version to mean that.
  • IDFS (Chris/Rick/Jim 1/21)
    • Determine whether CDF export capability supports ISTP compliant CDF.
    • Confirm automatic generation of CDF files.
    • Must have IDL procedures created to read IDFS files.
    • Need to establish procedure and responsible site(s) for holding and distributing IDFS calibration files.
    • How does creation and version specification carry into the CDFs?
  • NSSDC (Green/Burley 3/1)
    • Complete and distribute a document on what services for access to IMAGE data will be provided.
    • Include bulk data distribution.
  • Space Physics Data Facility (Green/Burley 3/1)
    • Document expected improvements to the CDAWeb system.
    • IMAGE's desire is to have a capability to:
      • generate animated GIF or MPEG movies
      • deliver a subset of CDF data

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