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IMAGE Science Center

IMAGE Science Working Group Meeting

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 22 May 2006

Presentations from the meeting


The next Science Working Group meeting will be held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center beginning at 8:30 a.m. on 22 May. In order to get WiFi service at our meeting, the location has changed. We will now meet in Building 33 Room H114. Directions are below.

To facilitate your entry into the center, please follow the appropriate instructions below:

  • US citizens: Provide your name, employer, and the dates needed for your badge to Nancy Gessner (
  • Foreign nationals (including those with green cards): Fill out the foreign visitor form (Word or PDF) and send by fax to Nancy Gessner at +1-301-286-1771 no later than 14 April.

The information provided above will allow a badge to be ready for you when you first enter GSFC for the duration of the meeting. More information will be issued later.


All participants who have signed up for a visitor badge need to first go to the small visitor center at Greenbelt Road and Goddard Road at the main gate. You'll get your visitor badge there. You can then either enter the center at that gate and turn right at Explorer Road taking it into the east Goddard campus (out one gate and back in again on the other side of Soil Conservation Road) where you'll turn right between buildings 79 and 95 to go to building 33 or you can continue down Greenbelt Road to the next major interchange at Soil Conservation Road where you turn left and then right onto Explorer Road. You must enter the Center at one or the other of these two roads off Greenbelt Road.


Monday Morning A, 22 May, Chair: Jim Green

08:30 a.m. Welcome & Logistics Moore, Green
08:40 a.m. IMAGE Mission Status Burch
09:00 a.m. Sources of Gas and Plasma for the Magnetosphere Moore
09:20 a.m. Total Ion Outflow from IMAGE and in situ Measurements Fuselier
09:40 a.m. An in situ Electron-Density Database Derived from Passive RPI Observations Webb
10:00 a.m. RPI/IMAGE Signatures of Non-Maxwellian Electron-Velocity Distributions and of Solar-Wind/Magnetosphere Interactions Benson
10:20 a.m. Break  

Monday Morning B, 22 May, Chair:

10:40 a.m. Analytical Expressions for Flux-Tube Volume in a Field-Line Model of the Ring Current Schulz, Chen
11:20 a.m. Calculating EMIC Wave Growth Using CRCM Jones
11:40 a.m. Measuring Flows in the Near-Earth to Mid-tail Plasma Sheet Jahn
11:50 a.m. Updates from HENA Brandt, Mitchell, Roelof
12:00 p.m. Lunch  

Monday Afternoon A, 22 May, Chair: Tom Moore

01:30 p.m. Spacecraft Status Report Burley, Tapley
01:50 p.m. Alfvén Wave Produced Auroras, Dynamic Signatures of Magnetospheric Boundaries Mende
02:10 p.m. Coordinated Observations of Proton Auroras from IMAGE Spacecraft and South Pole Station Antarctica Mende
02:30 p.m. Multiple Duskside Plasmapause Undulations Goldstein
02:50 p.m. Whistlers Observed by Cluster Outside the Plasmasphere: An Association with IMAGE-EUV Observed Plasmaspheric Notches Adrian, Green, Gallagher
03:10 p.m. Break  

Monday Afternoon B, 22 May, Chair:

03:30 p.m. IMAGE RPI Observations of Storm Enhanced Density in the Polar Cap Tu, Reinisch
03:50 p.m. Inverting Polar Cap Electron Density Traces Using RPI Reiff, Martinez
04:10 p.m. Post-Mission Software Archive Jahn, Gurgiolo, Gallagher
04:23 p.m.    
04:36 p.m.    
04:50 p.m.    
05:10 p.m. End of Meeting  


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