Meetings and Workshops
Meetings and Workshops
Image of IMAGE in space

IMAGE Science Working Group Meeting

Southwest Research Institute
San Antonio, TX 07-08 June 2005



Tuesday Morning, 07 June, Chair: J. Goldstein

Time Title Presenter
08:30 a.m. Welcome & Logistics Burch
08:40 a.m. IMAGE mission status and science results Burch
09:00 a.m. IMAGE POETRY Taylor
09:20 a.m. Plasma sheet dynamics during enhanced magnetospheric convection Jahn
09:40 a.m. Plasma sheet entry to the inner magnetosphere during storms observed by IMAGE/MENA Denton, Jahn
10:00 a.m. Geomagnetic Storms from Low Altitude Perez
10:20 a.m. Break  
10:40 a.m. An Overview of HENA related projects and their status Brandt
11:00 a.m. HENA observations of the May 15, 2005 storm Mitchell
11:20 a.m. HENA upper limits to heliospheric ENAs: comparison of northern hemisphere scans (2000-2002) with Voyager 1 intensities at the termination shock and update with southern hemisphere scans (2003-2005) Roelof
11:40 a.m. Theory of multiple-collision HENA exospheric emission: Update Roelof
12:00 p.m. Lunch  

Tuesday Afternoon, 07 June, Chair: J.-M. Jahn

Time Title Presenter
01:30 p.m. LENA outflows and global O+ circulation Moore
01:50 p.m. Sub-auroral proton aurora Frey
02:10 p.m. Aurora and particle precipitation during the January 21, 2005 geomagnetic storm Frey
02:30 p.m. The equatorial ionosphere and atmospheric tides Immel
02:50 p.m. Substorm onset event observations with IMAGE FUV and FAST Mende, Frey, Peticolas
03:10 p.m. Break  
03:30 p.m. Comparisons between synchronous altitude satellite based particle and field measurements and global proton precipitation Mende, Frey, Immel
03:50 p.m. Inner edge of the outer radiation belt and the plasmapause during March-May 2001 Goldstein
04:03 p.m. Equatorial SAPS model Goldstein
04:16 p.m. Global plasmasphere evolution 22-23 April 2001 Goldstein
04:30 p.m. Plasmasphere refilling: EUV measurements and SUPIM model calculations Sandel
04:50 p.m. EUV He+ abundances and ground-based measurements of mass and electron densities, early October 2002 Sandel
05:10 p.m. End of day  

Wednesday Morning, 07 June, Chair: T. Immel

Time Title Presenter
08:30 a.m. Density enhancement at the magnetic equator? Gallagher
08:50 a.m. Density enhancement at the magnetic equator? Green
09:10 a.m. RPI Transmissions to Demeter Green
09:30 a.m. Improving CORPRAL RPI data prospector: New results in cooperation with NASA Intelligent Systems Program Galkin et al.
09:50 a.m. Two new available applications: An FUV/DMSP overflight tool and an EUV/MENA/HENA joint analysis tool Gurgiolo
10:10 a.m. Break  
10:30 a.m. The IMAGE Yellowstone Team Meeting Gurgiolo
10:50 a.m. IMAGE and the Senior Review Burch, all
12:00 p.m. End of meeting  

For questions about the meeting, contact Dennis Gallagher, +1-256-961-7687.

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