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Meetings and Workshops
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FUV Meeting

CSL, Liege, Belgium
15-16 November 2000



Wednesday Morning/Afternoon, 15 November, 1: Intensity Calibrations

Time Title Presenter
9:00 Introductions  
9:15 Calculation of proton-induced emission based on empirical precipitation models Benoit Hubert
9:45 Model-FUV comparisons Jean-Claude Gerard
10:30 Simulation of most of the relevant emissions (e.g., N2 LBH, OI 1356, OI1304,HI 1216, and NI 1200) for the dayglow of DOY 157 Randy Gladstone
11:00 FAST correlations Frey
11:30 GEO calibrations :Stellar calibration of GEO Randy Gladstone
1:30 Summary Intensity Calibration Report All

Wednesday Afternoon, 15 November, 2: Pointing and geometrical uncertainties

Time Title Presenter
3:00 Status Report Frey
3:30 How to use Benoit's tables of distortion based on star observations Benoit
  Summary of Pointing issues All

Thursday Morning, 16 November, 3: Storms and other events

Time Title Presenter
9:00 Proton electron auroral dynamics, Substorms Mende
9:30 MENA and FUV correlations Frey
10:00 Aurora/Neutral Atom correlations Steve Fuselier
10:30 Pressure pulse aurora for northward IMF Steve Fuselier

Thursday Morning, 16 November, 4: Dayglow - Nightglow

Time Title Presenter
11:00 S13 Dayglow
July 14 Flare Equatorial airglow bands
Thomas Immel
11:30 IMAGE FUV poster Fuselier

Thursday Afternoon, 16 November

Time Title Presenter
1:30 Future Plans and Projects  
3:30 Action Items  

For questions about the meeting, contact Stephen B. Mende, (510) 642-0876.

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