The IMAGE Monthly Camera

September 1997 - Number 7

Editor: J. L. Burch

SwRI, P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
tel: (210) 522-2526


- Recent Activities
- Upcoming Events
- Spacecraft Layout
- Other Items

[Payload Layout]

Recent Activities

During the summer, Critical Design Reviews on all IMAGE instruments, the Ground Segment, the Spacecraft, and the Mission were completed successfully. The CDRs were followed by an IMAGE Science Meeting on August 21st. The major action item from the Science Meeting was to define the IMAGE Level-1 browse products by January 1998. We are planning to have the next science meeting during January in San Antonio.

On September 8th a Peer Review of the LENA conversion surface was held at GSFC. The Peer Review Team was chaired by Dave Young of SwRI and included Herb Funsten (LANL), Raul Baragiola (U. of Va.), Don Stilwell (GSFC), Ed Powers (GSFC), and Henning Leidecker (GSFC). Many thanks to the entire LENA team and the Review team for a very successful review.

Final Mechanical Interface Control Documents (MICDs) are very close to completion for all IMAGE instruments. These MICDs will allow the instrument deck plate design to be finalized and fabrication to begin.

Upcoming Events

On October 28-29 a launch vehicle interface meeting will be held at the Western Range, Vandenberg AFB, CA. On the next day, October 30th, an Integration and Test Working Group meeting will be held at Vandenberg.

Spacecraft Layout

Shown in the right-hand column are three views of the spacecraft layout provided by Lockheed Martin at the Spacecraft CDR. The top drawing shows the layout of the payload deck plate. The second drawing shows the spacecraft equipment bays, which are located below the payload deck plate. The bottom drawing shows the IMAGE observatory in the Delta 7326 fairing.

Other Items

Please send any items for the Monthly Camera to the editor. Pictures of IMAGE activities are especially welcome.

[Payload Layout]

[Payload Layout]

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