The IMAGE Monthly Camera

June 1997 - Number 6

Editor: J. L. Burch

SwRI, P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
tel: (210) 522-2526


- Recent Activities
- Upcoming Events
- Team Activities
- Other Items

Recent Activities

The instrument critical design reviews have begun with a very successful review of FUV at U. C. Berkeley on June 24th and 25th. The FUV Spectrographic Imager (SI), Wideband Imaging Camera (WIC), Geocorona Sensor (GEO), and Main Electronics Package (MEP) are all fully designed and on schedule. In addition to the Berkeley team, project personnel from CSL (Belgium), along with their two contractors (AMOS and DSS), and MSFC participated in the review. The CDR team was chaired by Nick Eaker of SwRI; his team included Jim Trainor and Steve Battel, representing the IMAGE Independent Review Team, Greg Dirks, Ronnie Killough, Poul Jensen, and Brian Gupta of SwRI, and Bill Davis of GSFC. One of the highlights of the two days was the reception and dinner hosted by Henry Heetderks and his wife and Steve Mende at Henry's beautiful new home. Many thanks to Henry for a wonderful evening.

Upcoming Events

Instrument CDRs will continue on the following schedule:

HENA, at APL on July 9th and 10th;
MENA, at SwRI on July 15th and 16th;
CIDP, at SwRI on July 17th;
EUV, at Univ. of Arizona on July 22nd and 23rd;
Ground Segment, at GSFC on July 28th;
LENA, at GSFC on July 29th and 30th;
RPI, at U. Mass. Lowell on August 5th and 6th.

The Spacecraft CDR will be held at LMMS on August 13th and 14th. The final set of meetings will include the Mission CDR at SwRI on August 19th and 20th followed by the Science Team meeting at SwRI on August 21st.

At the science team meeting each instrument lead will be asked to provide a half-hour presentation on the data products to be provided by his instrument. The detailed specification of level-0 data packets and level-1 browse products will then be discussed and agreed upon. Finally, plans will be made for detailed data processing and analysis, including image inversion and the incorporation of various models. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for scientists not associated with IMAGE to access the full data base and analyze data using the complete set of analysis capabilities we will have developed through web access without the need for specific types of computer systems or any special software. This goal is a challenging one, but is one we must meet in order to live up to the plan we proposed. To have an open data set that requires special systems and/or interactions with investigators to analyze is not really an open data set. We have to do much better than anything that is currently available in our field, including ISTP.

Team Activities

Project Management Conference Calls are conducted by Bill Gibson every Wednesday at 10:00 AM Central time. To join the call, dial 800-403-2028 and enter the code 710527. Each instrument, the CIDP, and the spacecraft need to be represented on each call.

Other Items

Please send any items for the Monthly Camera to the editor. Pictures of IMAGE activities are especially welcome.

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