The IMAGE Monthly Camera

April 1997 - Number 5

Editor: J. L. Burch

SwRI, P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
tel: (210) 522-2526


- Recent Activities
- Upcoming Events
- Team Activities
- Other Items

Recent Activities

The IMAGE mission has now been approved to proceed through Phases C, D, and E. The OSS Confirmation Review with Wes Huntress and his staff was held on March 31, 1997. The next major milestone will be the mission CDR sometime in August.

The IMAGE EMI Working Group, chaired by Bob Manning, met at SwRI on April 3-4, 1997. There was good participation by SwRI and LMMS engineers as well as by representatives of several of the IMAGE science instruments. The recommendations of this team will be implemented so that EMI is minimized to the greatest extent possible and affordable.

Upcoming Events

Beginning sometime in June, instrument-level CDRs will be conducted. These will be working meetings as opposed to the formal presentations we had for the PDRs. These reviews will be followed by the mission-level CDR. As appropriate, certain phase C/D activities, such as long-lead parts procurement, fabrication of critical subsystems, etc., will proceed prior to the CDRs because of our fast schedule.

Team Activities

Early June may be a good time for an IMAGE team meeting, at which time we can review progress and compare notes prior to entering the CDR activities. Any feedback on possible dates for a team meeting would be appreciated.

Project Management Conference Calls are conducted by Bill Gibson every Wednesday at 10:00 AM Central time. To join the call, dial 800-403-2028 and enter the code 710527. Each instrument, the CIDP, and the spacecraft need to be represented on each call.

Dennis Gallagher's Theory and Modeling Team has produced an excellent video simulation of the IMAGE mission. This video was used in the PDR, Implementation Readiness Review, and OSS Confirmation Review with very good results. I keep it on my laptop to show to friends, family, etc. The Macintosh version can be obtained on the IMAGE ftp site ( in the science folder.

Other Items

Mr. Orlando Figueroa, the Explorer Program Manager at GSFC has been promoted to the Directorship of a new technology directorate at Goddard. His replacement will be Mr. Jim Barrowman, who has had extensive experience as a project manager for many years at GSFC. We look forward very much to working with Jim on the implementation of IMAGE. At the same time, we are very sorry to lose Orlando. As manager of the Explorer office, Orlando has been responsible for the successful implementation of the SMEX program, for the completion of the large explorers, and for the initiation of the MIDEX program. He has been very supportive of IMAGE, and his help has been crucial in our successful completion of Phase B.

Please send any items for the Monthly Camera to the editor. Pictures of IMAGE activities are especially welcome.

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