The IMAGE Monthly Camera

November 1996 - Number 4

Editor: J. L. Burch

SwRI, P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
tel: (210) 522-2526


- Recent Activities
- Upcoming Events
- Team Activities

Recent Activities

The IMAGE Mission Requirements Review was successfully completed at Lockheed Missiles and Space in Sunnyvale, CA in September. The major development was a large increase in instrument power requirements (about 100%), which required the growth of spacecraft diameter and height to accommodate the additional solar cells and a redesign of the spacecraft thermal system. We are in the process of negotiating a change to the spacecraft contract for this redesign. We are now using the maximum diameter allowed by the Delta 7326 9.5-ft. fairing. In addition, we have used up all funding set aside for spacecraft trade studies. No further changes to the spacecraft design can be considered.

In October launch vehicle reviews were held at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace in Huntington Beach, CA and at the Western Test Range in Vandenberg AFB, CA. The launch vehicle is a Delta II 7326. The number 3 refers to three strap-on solid rocket boosters. The number 26 refers to the Star 37 third stage. The Deep Space 1 mission will be the first to use the Star 37 with a launch in mid-1998 on a 7326 vehicle identical to ours. We have a mass margin of 150 kg, which provides for the additional radiation shielding that we need for the 100 krad mission we are flying. The spacecraft will provide 0.020 in. aluminum equivalent shielding. A total of 0.200 in. will be needed at each instrument to reduce the dose to 30 krad. Any additional mass margin will be accommodated either by adding mass to the third stage or flying a suboptimal trajectory. There has been no talk thus far about any secondary payloads.

Upcoming Events

Here is the revised list of IMAGE meeting dates and places:

HENA PDR, Dec. 9-10 at APL

EUV PDR, Dec 18-19th at Tucson

LENA PDR, Jan 7-8 at GSFC

RPI PDR, Jan 9-10 at U. Mass. Lowell

MENA PDR, Jan 13-noon 14th at SwRI

CIDP PDR, Noon Jan 14th thru 15th at SwRI

FUV PDR, Jan 16-17 at Berkeley

S/C PDR, Jan 20-21 at Sunnyvale

IMAGE PDR Dry Run on Feb. 5-6 at SwRI

IMAGE PDR/NAR on Feb. 18-20 at GSFC

The Concept Review, which will be primarily a systems engineering review, is yet to be scheduled. The major change is the combination of the PDR and NAR, using a single review team. This same team will support the individual instrument PDRs. It will be chaired by Bill Bangs of the GSFC Flight Assurance Division.

Team Activities

A revised mission logo is shown below. We need to go to NASA Headquarters for approval of the logo in the near future. So, if you have any suggestions I would appreciate receiving them.

This logo can also be found on the SwRI IMAGE FTP site as imagelogo.rtf.

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