The IMAGE data reduction and analysis plan was described in the Step-1 proposal. Since there are no changes, we summarize the plan in this proposal. The IMAGE data will be processed at the GSFC SMOC using algorithms provided by the investigators responsible for the various instruments. Processed data will be accessed by the IMAGE investigators and others through the Internet World Wide Web. The IMAGE web site will contain information on the calibration of the instruments, ongoing on-orbit campaigns, scientific results to date, any changes to the instrument characteristics that may occur during the mission, and software necessary to display the images in various joint formats. The data access will be completely open to the entire space science community as well as to the public. Public access will be enhanced by providing magnetospheric images along with explanatory material including recorded interviews with the investigators explaining the general interest aspects of the data.

Before launch all necessary software for IMAGE data reduction will be developed and delivered to the SMOC, where it will be verified with test data. The proposed budget for MO&DA contains substantial margins for software development, data reduction during the mission, analysis of on-orbit data, and publication of scientific results by all investigators for three years following launch.

IMAGE will produce spectacular images of the Earth's magnetosphere, leading to breakthroughs in our scientific understanding while motivating young people to learn more about the plasma environment surrounding the Earth.