5.0 COST
Instrument Development Costs (FY94 $K)
Phase III
InstrumentPhase IPhase IIYear 1Year 2Year 3Totals
FUV Spectrographic Imager404.01202.411116.09736.65799.563258.72
FUV Wideband Camera 218.7466.57730.85640.93480.53 2137.62
EUV Imager203.94173.25835.561057.32561.332831.40
NAI Imagers and Support1387.25473.072425.062720.871971.508977.75
RPI 198.00177.001440.001161.00324.003240.00
Total in $K2518.341065.557481.416811.724302.2222179.24

InstrumentCost Justification
FUV Spectrographic ImagerATLAS/AEPI, SOHO,TRACE
FUV Wideband CameraRebuild of Viking and Freja UV imager
EUV ImagerIntensifiers are copies from Viking imager.
NAIImagers and SupportAMPTE/CHEM, Cassini/MIMI/CHEMs
Polar/TIDE RPIFlight-hardened version of existing DPS, antennas from ISEE & WIND
CIDPSimilar to Spacelab/FES-VCGS, BMDO/MSTI-1
SoftwareBased on Polar/TIDE software
Table 5.0.1 Instrument development costs. An independent cost review by GSFC RAO has verified these costs.
The IMAGE instrument costs (Table 5.0.1) have been developed from estimates provided by the responsible co-investigators based on their past experience in developing similar instruments. Spacecraft costs were developed by GSFC engineers based on their SMEX experience. Both of the costs have been verified by the GSFC RAO. Total investigation are shown in Table 5.0.2.

5.0.1 Alternate Investigation Funding. If IMAGE is selected as an alternative mission, we will request funding of $225K (1-yr. program) or $450K (2-yr. program).
WBS Elements (Cost in FY94 $M)
Program PhaseDurationMgt QA
Sci. Spt
Sys Eng
Inst Sys
Inst I,T
Mis Ops
Mis Tds
Phase I10 mo.0.3060.5540.0872.518000000.123.584
Phase I22 mo.0.4060.6540.1372.668000000.123.984
Phase II3 mo.0.1200.2130.0171.066000000.0651.481
Phase IIIYear 10.9080.5990.1897.481000.110 000.1259.412
Phase IIIYear 21.0470.6960.21026.8150.0750.1000.35
Phase IIIYear 30.8300.8020.2104.3020.5250.3150.450000.1257.560
NASA Pre-launch cost I (10 mo.)3.2112.8640.71322.180.6000.4200.910000.56031.457
I (22 mo.)3.3112.9640.76322.330.6000.4200.910000.56031.857
Requested Reserves10 mo. Phase I6.038
22 mo. Phase I6.098
Total NASA Prelaunch Cost10 mo. Phase I37.495
22 mo. Phase I37.955
Foreign ContributionBelgium1.50
Total Investigation Cost10 mo. Phase I39.335
22 mo. Phase I39.795
Phase IVYear 10.910.7123.3050.334.931
Year 20.840.7123.1750.334.727
Year 30.840.2773.1650.334.281
Total MODA Costs2.591.7019.6440.9914.928
NASA-Provided Spacecraft
Spacecraft Cost10 mo. Phase I23.58
Spacecraft Reserves10 mo. Phase I5.95
Total10 mo. Phase I29.53
Spacecraft Cost22 mo. Phase I23.95
Spacecraft Reserves22 mo. Phase I6.00
Total22 mo. Phase I29.95
NOTES: The GSFC RAO independently estimated the cost of IMAGE instruments as $38.6M w/reserves (see memo to Dr. Mark Smith, 12 June 1995). An independent cost analysis of the image spacecraft by the GSFC RAO yielded a total cost of $28.4m w/reserves. Alternative mission costs are $225K (1 yr) or $450K (2 yr).
Table 5.0.3 Top-level not-to-exceed costs (in FY94 dollars) for IMAGE definition, development, and operations. Costs for both the 10-month and 22-month definition are included.

5.0.2 Small and Small Disadvantaged Company Subcontracting. The IMAGE team is committed to meeting the subcontracting goals of the AO. We have identified three small businesses as subcontracting candidates: Spectrum Astro (SDB) for electronic packaging, Conceptual Mindworks (SDB) for software, and AEC-Able Engineering (SB) for the RPI antennas. We have worked with these three companies in the past with excellent results.